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We started the blog early 2016. So far it was only available in German but I would like to change that. The Collect a Box Project is a dream come true and I really hope that people all over the world will soon be able to read our Collector’s Edition announcements.

Of course, setting up a blog is pretty inexpensive, at least in the beginning. However a blog is far more than a website with just a few texts. Visual impressions also count, since there can be only one first impression to convice a reader. But it’s not only about creating a website in an attractive way. Technical aspects are important, too. There is a lot of coding at backend and many free extensions and plugins have a very limited number of features. Even worse, they can slow the website down and do not offer responsive design which is crucial since a lot of people use mobile phones, tablets and other sophisticated devices to get access to the internet. A further factor to consider is the web host. Page load time has a direct impact on you. The faster the page loads the better is your website experience.

A blog has to mature like a good wine and that’s where you come in. Your donation not only helps cover the running costs (servicing, inspection, repair and hosting) but also grow and expand this site. Furthermore your donation helps us enlarge our Amazon product range.

If you do have a special request for your donation, please let us know and we’ll try to make your request come true. No matter if it is missing content or a special item in our product range, we’ll listen to you.

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