The Nordic countries are characterized by a reputation for a somewhat inhospitable and difficult-to-cultivate farming landscape. Rocky, snowy, harsh. Of the earliest settlers there, preparing and relying on excellent tools and efficiency were important. An unforgivable environment means that a single mistake can cost you dearly, and shortcuts are punished with unexpected consequences. “It’s easy to say that this is not a good place to be a farmer. 

This type of land has a lot of work to do with everything related to it. Basically, this is the foundation of the Nordic gaming industry,” the great tools are good. thinking and thinking ahead is a good idea, and I think it is very present in all the Nordic countries – that someone’s advice should only be relied on if it has a practical meaning, such as boostcasino. In this context, it makes no sense to listen to someone trying to sell you something. You need someone who will tell you something you need to know and who will really improve your situation. So there’s an automatic filter when people try to give you advice.

The Swedish gaming industry has grown strongly over the last 10 years. There are currently 282 gaming companies * in Sweden, 168 of which are members of the Stockholm Business Alliance. Together with Poland, this is the highest absolute figure in our priorities. However, compared to the size of the population, it is at an average level. Almost half of the companies are start-ups in the last five years (132 in Sweden, 80 in the Stockholm Business Alliance). The number of employees is absolutely high. Of the 4,291 employees, 3,260 work for companies in the Stockholm Business Alliance, which means that there are usually only smaller companies outside the capital. In fact, of the 13 companies with more than 50 employees, 11 are based in Stockholm. The Stockholm Business Alliance’s gaming companies thus employ an average of 19 people, compared to the Swedish average of 15. Total income is the second highest in the Baltic Sea region after Finland. Sweden in particular has the most game-focused incubators. There are 7 ** of them all over Sweden, but only one of them is located in Stockholm.

The Swedish gaming industry has grown rapidly in recent years. It has evolved from a hobby of enthusiasts into a global industry that has cultural and economic significance in just a few decades. There are almost 300 gaming companies in Sweden and more than half of them are located in the Stockholm area. Game development is a growth sector in which more than half of Swedish companies have been established since 2010. In 2016, the total turnover of Swedish gaming companies was EUR 1.33 billion (the figure has doubled in just three years).

The number of employees is also growing every year. Between 2015 and 2016, the number increased by 15%, or 558 full-time jobs. The Swedish gaming industry employs a total of 4,291 people. However, this figure includes only full-time employees, excluding freelance consultants. When these freelancers are taken into account, the number would increase by 5-15% to about 5,000 people in the gaming industry in Sweden.

One of the strengths of the Swedish gaming industry is the broad focus of companies on platforms. The world’s leading companies are creating mobile games (King, Rovio Stockholm…), PC and console games (DICE, Avalanche Studios…) and VR games (Resolution Games, Starbreeze). Swedish game developers are rapidly adopting new technologies, such as VR (almost 10% of Swedish gaming companies develop VR games, and a few cases have been high-profile foreign investment in Swedish companies).

Sweden is home to only 10 million people, so the Swedish home market is relatively small, so Swedish game developers are making games directly to the global market. Sweden has a good ecosystem to support new game developers. Some of the world’s best game development schools are located in Sweden, and there are several incubators dedicated exclusively to games. There are also events for independent game developers that promote the creativity of Swedish game developers