Rage 2 Collector’s Edition Comes With Creepy Talking Head

by | June 11, 2018 | PC, Playstation, Xbox


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Yesterday Bethesda showed seven minutes of Rage 2 gameplay at their E3 showcase. Rage 2 is in development by Id Software (Doom) with the help of Avalanche Studios (Just Cause). So it is no surprise that we see plenty of explosive first-person shooting. The game is set in 2185 and focuses on Walker who wants to take down the authority after his home had been robbed. Rage 2 offers an open world with a wide range of weapons, interesting powers and dangerous mutants to fight. Furthermore, you can drive any type of vehicle, even gyrocopter.

Besides the gameplay action we also got to see all of the pieces included in the Rage 2 Collector’s Edition which will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Rage 2 Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition of Rage 2 won’t launch until the game is out in 2019 but we already got to see the content of the Edition which is kind of creepy if you are asking me. But have a look at it yourself:

  • Ruckus the Crusher Talking Head: Everyone’s favorite mutant is ready to become the new conversation piece in your household. (Seriously, we dare your guests to NOT bring up the mutant head on the wall.) This extremely limited edition mountable head features a motion sensor that lets it talk and sing for hours!
  • Steelbook: A snazzy steel case featuring the Goon Squad’s finest artwork
  • Digital: Rise of the Ghosts Expansion, BFG, Cult of the Death God Mission, Mutant Monster Truck Skin, Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes, Progress Booster, Nicholas Raine Armor and Settler Pistol, Battle Standard

Pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition can be placed at Amazon.com* for $119.99 USD and GAME UK* for £119.99.

Rage 2 Collector's Edition

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