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Guides and Artbooks Releases

Ever wondered what video game Collector’s Guide or Artbook are coming out soon? Or what’s come out recently? No worries, we’ve got you covered. This release list will be constantly updated for your benefit, so be sure to revisit this page often as we update it with release date changes or release dates for newly announced Collector’s Edition Guides and Artbooks.

Since this list covers a variety of different Guides and Artbooks from all over the world, we tried to choose shops that offer international shipping. As far as possible, release dates have been officially announced. Unknown releases are state with 2021-12-31 as a placeholder release date.

January - March 2021

April - June 2021

July - September 2021

October - December 2021

January - March 2020

April - June 2020

July - September 2020

October - December 2020

January - March 2019

April - June 2019

July - September 2019

October - December 2019

January - March 2018

April - June 2018

July - September 2018

October - December 2018

October - December 2017