Ghost of Tsushima Launch, Special & Collector’s Edition available to Pre-Order

by | March 6, 2020 | Playstation


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Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming action adventure game devolved by Sucker Punch, who are probably best known for the Infamous series. The official description for the game is read as follows:

“In the late 13th century, the Mongol empire has laid waste to entire nations along their campaign to conquer the East. Tsushima Island is all that stands between mainland Japan and a massive Mongol invasion fleet led by the ruthless and cunning general, Khotun Khan. As the island burns in the wake of the first wave of the Mongol assault, samurai warrior Jin Sakai stands as one of the last surviving members of his clan. He is resolved do whatever it takes, at any cost, to protect his people and reclaim his home. He must set aside the traditions that have shaped him as a warrior to forge a new path, the path of the Ghost, and wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Tsushima.”

Ghost of Tsushima will be released on June 26 for PS4. In addition to the Standard Edition, there is also a Digital Deluxe Edition and three physical Collector’s Editions to choose from.

Ghost of Tsushima Launch Edition

The Launch Edition comes at the price of the Standard Edition. In addition to the game you’ll also receive the following digital content:

  • Digital Mini Soundtrack
  • Jin Dynamic Theme
  • Jin Avatar

Pre-Orders can be currently placed at BestBuy* for $59.99 USD.

Ghost of Tsushima Launch Edition

Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition

The Special Edition includes in addition to game the following content:

  • Steelbook case
  • Digital content:
    • In-game Hero of Tsushima mask and sword skin
    • Charm of Hachiman’s Favor
    • One technique point
    • Director’s Commentary
    • Digital mini art book by Dark Horse

The Special Edition costs £69.99 GBP / $69.99 USD and is available to pre-order from GAME UK* and BestBuy* in the US.

Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition

Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition is quite massive and will probably sell out fast. Besides the game you will get the following content in exchange for your hard earned coins:

  • Replica mask made from polyresin with individually-numbered display stand
  • Sashimono (war banner) about 4.5 feet long
  • Traditional-style furoshiki (wrapping cloth)
  • Steelbook case
  • Physical 48-page mini art book by Dark Horse
  • Cloth world map
  • Digital content:
    • Hero of Tsushima skin set
      • Golden mask
      • Body armor
      • Sword kit
      • Horse saddle
    • In-game items:
      • One technique point
      • Charm of Hachiman’s favor
    • Director’s Commentary
    • Samurai PS4 Dynamic Theme

Pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition can be placed exclusively at GAME* in the UK and at BestBuy* in the US for £159.99 GBP and 169.99 USD respectively.

Ghost of Tsushima Collector's Edition

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