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Whether you realize it or not, we all collect something. It’s in our nature and I believe it was Goethe who once said that collectors are happy people. Thousands of years ago we lived by hunting and gathering because it has meant our survival. It’s in our genes and one of our atavistic human instincts. But nowadays It’s more like a hobby to escape a world that is becoming more and more complicated and faster moving every day. We at Collect a Box also have such a natural instinct we cannot escape. But it’s okay. It brings us joy, indelible impressions, fascinating stories and even more important, it brings people together.

Here at Collect a Box, we are dedicated to bring you the most detailed and most accurate information on newly announced video game Special, Limited and Collector’s Editions for PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo from around the world. Just like you, we are collectors and we know that collecting video games can be difficult, even frustrating at some stage. But on the opposite side it is a great way to meet like-minded people you can network with and share your passions.

We love what we do and we really hope you like it here!

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